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Paro Cultural Tour

Paro Tshechu and Chukha Tshechu is the 2nd annual festival in the western Bhutan for the year 2023. It starts from 23rd March till 27th March. It is the series of traditions performed in the form of dances in honor of Guru Rimpoche. The dances are performed by the monks taking the role of a compassionate deities, heroes, demons and animals and bring blessings to the spectators, protect them from misfortunes, eliminate evil influence and instruct them in Dharma. The atsara’s (clowns or acharya or master) help the dancers and perform comic roles. The family members and the relatives get together in their best festive dresses over a packed lunch. During many Tshechus a large Thankas or Thongdrel (embroider picture of great saints) is unfurled before sunrise from the building overlooking the dance area. It is believed that one’s sin will be washed away simply by viewing one of these large relics.

Trip Fact

  • Location:Bhutan
  • Grade :2
  • Ascent Route:Paro - Festival - Tango Monastery - Chukha Festival - Paro Tshechu ( Thongdrel) and Depature
  • Fly in/ Fly out:Paro
  • Health:Fit
  • Seasons:Spring/Autumn/Summer/Winter
  • Accomodation:Lodge
  • Max Altitude:3200m
  • Trek Type:Lodge Trek
  • Group Size:12PAX
  • Trip Code:24