"Magnificent Travels through Nepal & Tibet"

Once in a lifetime

Although initially a little reluctant to sign up for this trip due to the high altitudes, from the moment I met Dawa in Kathmandu I knew it was the right decision! In advance he assisted with equipment lists, and sent a detailed itinerary of the walks and our time in Kathmandu. As a sign of his preparedness whenever changes needed to be made to our trip this was seemingly done effortlessly by Dawa; for example when our flight to Lukla was delayed he took us on a tour of the city. We thought delaying a 10+ day trek for this reason might lead to issues with accommodation, but seemingly everywhere we went we could use the code “we’re with Dawa” and issues would be solved! Undertaking this trek with a clearly liked and well respected guide allowed us to focus our energy on why we came; to enjoy the walks, see the views and experience the Himalayas. He provided clear plans for the days and regular breaks, meaning we knew what to expect and were prepared for it. Thank you Dawa for a fantastic trip to Nepal and the Himalayas! I would highly recommend undertaking this experience with Dawa and Traveltimes.
Aaron M (Geo team UK).