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EBC trek – Had a really good experience with travel times

Me and my friend did Everest Base Camp trek with Travel Times in September 2023 and it was a really good experience.
Dawa Tamang and RD were the most helpful, knowledgeable and fun guides. RD was our guide on EBC and not once in the 12 days that we were him in the mountains of Khumbhu, we felt that he is only our guide and not a friend. He took care of us, understood our hesitations, issues regarding injuries, fatigue, health and accordingly advised us on how to manage them. The mood was light and fun with him around, exactly what we needed. Heck he even cooked food for us because I was dying to eat Rotis. I don’t think any guide would do that for me. Really grateful for that. This is just one incident, there are many which touched us. The guy has some serious passion for trekking and mountains and it shows in the way he talks about them. Exploring the mountains is always fun with such people around. You would miss out on alot if you are stuck with a guide who just takes you from one village to another for 12 days.

If their prices seems a bit more to you, just know that you are giving that extra money for better quality food, stays and most importantly right company for 15 days. It’s not just limited to them but their connections in the area are also good, so you can always expect better services from the places you are staying at.
I know I will come back to travel times for any future treks in Nepal. Mr Dawa also helped us alot from Kathmandu. He sent us money when we were in Nepalese cash crunch.
He briefed us on how the AMS will look like, when we might face it, how to tackle it and all. Sent us fully prepared for everything.
He also arranged a heli ride for us to get us back from Lukla so we could catch our flights back to India on time.
He also had aton of stories to tell us about Kathmandu and around which I thoroughly enjoyed.
The porter, Durga who was with us is also literally a beam of sunshine, always smiling. You could just lit up after seeing him lol.

All in all, EBC was great and we are happy that we chose them for it. Thankyou travel times 🙂 .