"Magnificent Travels through Nepal & Tibet"

Amazing trip with awesome tour guide

Mr Dawa Lama Tamang, one of the best tour guides we ever had who is also a really good photographer. With so much mountain hiking experience, he never fails to amaze us with so many interesting stories. He climbed Mount Everest twice and survived to catastrophe.The stories he told us is so interesting and amazing. It makes you fall in love with the Himalaya Mountains even more. He brings you to the most breathtaking places ever and his travel schedule is suited for those who choose to have a leisure kind of travelling. He can also speak english very fluent and able to describe to you almost everything in Nepal. Another thing is that he is so funny and amusing and I guarantee you guys won’t get bored with the trip. If you plan to visit Nepal, I seriously recommend you to contact Traveltimes Treks and this Dawa guy.