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First Medical Camp during COVID-19

When our villagers started to feel unwell, children and a teacher became sick, we decided to act and reach out. We closed the school as a precaution, accepted the help of a dear friend in America and organized a health camp in Tekanpur and nearby village. Yesterday 66 people, deprived from basic health care: no transport, no hospital or doctor nearby, decided to check their health with doctor Pandab Baral and nurse Asmita. They got medicines, vitamins, medical advise and personal attention. All people got the contact number of the medical team for a follow up. As a precaution for COVID we were also able to buy an oxygen cylinder. All villagers were very thankful for the medical aid and advice. Thank u so much to everyone who made this health camp possible!

8th August 2021

Kavre- Temal-08- Tekanur