"Magnificent Travels through Nepal & Tibet"

Europe to Gokyo Lakes

After having had Traveltimes recommended to me by my sister, I finally got around to heading to Nepal and having Dawa as my guide (almost a decade later – better late than never).

Aside from being simply a fantastic trip – as I’m writing a review, it would be prudent for me to mention things that perhaps didn’t go to plan.

Travelling is travelling and as always, there were changes to the itinerary. From flight time changes to Lukla to changes in meal availability due to a country wide shortage after their national holiday. Dawa and the Traveltimes team were onto every change and kept us well informed of what was going on. We were never left without and where things did change we had an equally rewarding alternative to look forward to.

Dawa kept us entertained and educated us on his country. He looked after all us “low altitude people” and kept us safe when needed.

Traveltimes is very well connected and almost appears to get a royal welcome wherever we were associated with Dawa. Traveltimes is built on the foundations of business integrated with community altruism – He is a true ambassador for his beautiful Nepal and we were made to feel like honored guests.

Thanks all at Traveltimes, thanks Dawa.
Georg and the GeoAble team