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Langtang Valley Experience by Dr.David

My wife and I had the opportunity to trek Langtang National Park with Traveltimes, Dawa Lama Tamang as guide, and his brother as a porter. I am age 59 and my wife is age 57. We are in relatively good health, with me running 10 km per day, and my wife running 5 km per day. However, this trek was not a “walk in the park”, as there was much up and down along the route. Despite our good physical conditioning, our bodies were not accustomed to the up and down, and we were challenged.


Walking Sticks: On the first day, we saw many trekkers with walking sticks, and thought that they were being fashionable and trendy. Not the case. On our return, my wife and I used sticks (real sticks) to enable us to make the safe return. Walking sticks are a good thing, and I strongly recommend them.

Preparation: This is supposed to be the easiest trek in Nepal. We are in good shape, although with some age. But it was not a “walk in the park”. I would strongly recommend that serious physical training up and down stairs prior to the trip would help make the journey much more enjoyable, and safer.

Packing: You will probably take more than you need, and carry weight that is not necessary. We packed in clothing, and accessories that we never used or needed. I told this to Dawa, so you need to get his critical advise on what to leave behind. You do not need clean clothes every day. Backpack, sleeping bag, towel, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, wind shell, polarfleece, extra shirt, socks, flashlight was all we needed.

Trip: We were recommended a private vehicle from Katmandu to Syabru besi, instead of the public bus, and that was money well spent. Hotel in Syabru besi was very adequate. The lodges along the trek were basic, with basic bedrooms, dinner, breakfast, and usually showers, sometimes warm-hot. Views were tremendous. Never a worry about freezing or starving.

Traveltimes: Dawa Lama Tamang, director, and his brother, provided us with a very enjoyable, safe, and comfortable trek. We would recommend him to others, as long as they have prepared physically. Dawa has become a dear friend to me and my wife, from the experiences we enjoyed together. Dawa made all efforts to see that we were taken care of from arrival at the airport, in Katmandu, during the trek, and upon our return to Katmandu and upon departure. Aside from guiding us on the trek, he also provided guidance about Katmandu, such as dining and shopping. Traveltimes made every effort to make our Nepal experience enjoyable and without incident. They were fully successful, and we are happy customers.

Dr. David Mitchell
Centerville, PA

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