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Vajra Yogini Pilgrimage Tour

In Buddhist Mythology the Himalayas have always been the abode of the gods. In the shadow of these Himalayas, between Tibet & India, lies the Kathmandu valley, the focal point of divine energy where humans can make contact with the realm of the gods. Geomantic forces and divine myths, as well as human history and legend, combine to make these sacred sites potent sources of spiritual revitalization. In this 6 days Yogini Pilgrim tour within Kathmandu Valley. During this period of time, we visit four major sites Shankhu Vajra Yogini, Guhyeshvari Yogini, Pharping Yogini, and Videshvari Vajra Yogini. 

Trip Fact

  • Location:Kathmandu
  • Grade :Easy
  • Ascent Route:Kathmandu-Pharming-Boudhanath-Shankhu-Swayambhunath-
  • Fly in/ Fly out:Kathmandu
  • Health:fit
  • Seasons:All Season
  • Accomodation:Luxury Hotel
  • Max Altitude:1340 meter
  • Trek Type:Luxury Hotel
  • Group Size:12 Pax
  • Trip Code:06