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Tiji Festival Upper Mustang Lodge Trek 2022

The Kali Gandaki River has carved the deepest river canyon in the world between Dhaulagiri (8 167 m) and Annapurna (8 091 m). Mustang, the former Buddhist Kingdom of Lo, is one of many small kingdoms that used to extend along the upper Kali Gandaki. Set amidst the majestic scenery of the Tibetan Plateau are ancient forts, walled medieval villages and monasteries rich with Buddhist art. Surrounded by Tibet on three sides, Mustang is an enclave of traditional Tibetan culture untouched by the Chinese occupation. Despite their isolation, the people of Mustang are worldly, well-traveled and resourceful. Essentially Tibetans, they are skillful traders, travelers and merchants and are by no means a primitive tribe that needs to be protected from outside influence. Lo or Mustang, maintained its statues as a separate principality with a Raja until 1951 when it was incorporated into Nepal.


Only in 1992 did the Nepal government allow the first groups to enter Mustang. Only a total of 400 westerners are allowed to enter Mustang per year. Therefore, the special permit results in a more expensive trek cost per day than other treks.


The trek to Mustang is through an almost treeless barren landscape. Strong winds generally howl across the area in the afternoon, generally subsiding at night. Being in the rain shadow of the Himalaya, Mustang has much less rain than the rest of Nepal although the skies are often cloudy during the monsoon season and rain sometimes occurs. Villages are several hours apart and appear in the distance almost as mirages. After the crops are planted, there are green oases in the desert-like landscape of endless expanse of yellow and gray rolling hills eroded by wind.


Highlight of this tour is the 3 day long Tiji festival and Luri Gompa trekking route. Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang is a unique cultural event that started centuries ago while the area was an independent Kingdom of the Lo people. Tiji is celebrated to mark the victory of the Gods over the Demons and takes place on the third month of the Tibetan lunar calendar (usually in May or June). The festival activities represent the chasing away of those Demons and bad spirits from the kingdom and its walled capital Lomanthang. During the event, a large number of local Lo people, and visitors from all over the world, gather at the courtyard of the Mustang King’s palace. It is a prime opportunity to witness the traditional costume and culture of the local people with a major attraction being the dancing and chanting of Buddhist monks. Our itinerary for Tiji Festival 2022 is combined with an exhilarating trek or Jeep Drive to Luri Monastery. This trip will be led by a local knowledgeable experience guide who has led many trips to Upper Mustang.

Trip Fact

  • Location:Annapurna Conservation Area Project
  • Grade :Moderate
  • Ascent Route:Jomsom - Sumer - Yeklovatti - Charang - Lo-Manthang - Yara Ghara - Muktinath - Jomsom - Pokhara
  • Fly in/ Fly out:Jomsom
  • Health:fit
  • Seasons:Spring - Summer - Autumn
  • Accomodation:Lodge
  • Max Altitude:4100 meter
  • Trek Type:Lodge
  • Group Size:12pax
  • Trip Code:07