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Everest Expedition

Mount Everest is known as SAGARMATHA in Nepal. The adventure lovers put 4 camps via south ridge situating base camp at 5300m, camp-1 at 5900m, camp-2 at 6200m -6400m, camp-3 at 7300m and south col at 7925m. The khumbu ice-fall in between base camp and camp-1 has made SAGARMATHA  more popular and difficult to climb.


Base Camp-17600ft is our home away from home while on the mountain. Numerous international teams gather here before, during and at the end of their climb.


KHUMBU ICE fall (18000ft-21000ft) is spectacular but treacherous horror chamber of bottomless crevasse, seracs and ice blocks, which is crossed with the aid of fixed ropes and aluminium  ladders. it leads to camp-1, the silent valley(20000-21000ft). Camp-I is a vast, flat area of endless snow, deep crevasse and mountain walls frequently washed by avalanches. Camp2 (21300ft) is marked by rocky patch at the foot of the icy Lhotse wall.  Camp-III lies on  Lhotse wall (22300ft-26300ft)  is climbed with fixed ropes using  jumar.  The 4000ft high wall leads on camp-III and  after that  a traverse which leads to yellow band  and then to rocky section just before camp4 (26000ft). This is the final part of the climb before summit push.


A narrow ridge precedes the south summit which leads to the infamous, exposed Hillary Step-a  rock\ice climb which is the major obstacle before finally reaching the summit. The final summit is 29028ft. when climbers reach summit, they find the most awesome views of the world as it looks Tibet and Nepal and the largest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas.


The climbers come back to camp4 on the same day. The next day they come to camp2 and again to base camp next day. 


Climbing route for top of the world.

Trip Fact

  • Location:Sagarmatha National
  • Grade :5+++
  • Ascent Route:South Face
  • Fly in/ Fly out:Lukla
  • Health:Fit
  • Criteria:A/C
  • Seasons:Spring/Autumn
  • Accomodation:Camping
  • Max Altitude:8,848 meter
  • Trek Type:Camping
  • Group Size:12Pax